Cheiron Learning

Cheiron Learning is a learning and development consultancy, created in 2009 in the wake of the infamous ‘credit crunch’ that led to a severe global recession. This recession caused many organisations to review how they were governed and managed and to re-focus on their core purpose and the important wider contribution they make to the economy.

The role of Cheiron Learning is to work with organisations assisting them in developing and implementing strategies that build their capacity and ensure long-term sustainability and security.

The experience of the people who make up Cheiron Learning spans all sectors of the economy including the public, private, educational and charitable sectors.

Our careers include working in Adult, Further and Higher Education, Training and Organisational Development, Research and Development; manufacturing industry and customer service and food and non-food retailing.

Our track record includes working with:

  • Executive and Non-Executive Directors
  • Senior and middle managers
  • Frontline managers and team leaders
  • Customer facing and support employees

"...those ripples build a current that sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance."

Robert Kennedy


Our Vision

‘To continually raise awareness of the importance of ethical and co-operative approaches to people and organisational development.’

Our Mission

‘To enable individuals to make an enhanced contribution to the growth of successful organisations, communities and a responsible economy.’